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Heading For A Fall

A turn of the key
and the door is pushed open, now
he walks into the room
but doesn't take off his coat
kisses me softly
without saying a word, now
there's that look in his eyes
that makes me feel the cold
when i try to find out
'bout what's troubling his mind
he turns away and sighs
and says give me some time
maybe things would get better
if i learned to be patient
what i wanted was love
not an imitation
we're heading for a fall
(For a fall,
we're heading for a fall)
we lie between sheets
and he stares at the ceiling, now
me, i'm trying to sleep
but i'm trembling inside
if she's haunting his dreams
then why don't he say it now?
why stay if it's her that he wants in the end?
if he tried to explain i'd try to understand
maybe i'd feel the same
i'm not sure of myself
we surrended so soon
in the arms of temptation, now
what i wanted was love
not an imitation

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Albüm: Time Flies

Gönderen: anoreksi  [12 Temmuz 2016 12:06:19]
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