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Butcher's Hook

Contrite - commercial - arrogance - leprosy
Consume the bitch - the fucker - mindless - like a child
For pitys sake - ive had all that i can take
We try - but in the end well see
There are no more codes
Only who is shit / and whos still free
I was gonna change the world with honor and aggression
No one listened - no one cared
All they saw was misdirection

Go ahead and disagree / im giving up again;

I dont want you anymore
I dont need you anymore
Fingerprint of god / your new religions covet
This vessel wasnt built to last
But i will live forever/ youll never have to say surrender
Because youre so part of it
My total honesty has no place for tomorrow
Guilty pleasures give me pain
Tell my people i cant follow

Go ahead and disagree / im giving up again

Youll never censor me / youd better cherish me
My reason has a voice / freedoms gone but well always have a choice
My present future tense / it doesnt make much sense
Im coming after you / fuck you all im the only point of view

Violence and dollar signs / another processed piece of shit
You hide your fault in diamonds and give away the only
Cost - you cant delay the inevitable
Lost - dont understand the incredible path
Im losing ground - but i wont care when i go down

Go ahead and disagree / im giving up again

Im giving up again

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Albüm: All Hope Is Gone

Gönderen: morena_oley  [21 Ağustos 2008 00:36:48]
Okunma Sayısı: 1870


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