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We stand upon the hands of borrowed time.
all we are must be returned.
we parallel the elements from the sky.
with a limit to the light we burn.

we're monoliths with everything to lose.
a dusty abyss, obscure and diffuse.
particle, this is not your helm.
let go of control and flow as a cell.

a journey by the will of the sun.
we are many yet we are none.
we've only just begun, we fade.
passenger, you have overstayed your welcome.

your help comes.
they come with suns and spears of light.
that disappear with you.
you say you'll change.
you misunderstand.
you think you have time to kill.
but time is a greater hitman.

a supernova in our eyes.
a sole reminder, we are finite.
a supernova in our eyes.
our soul reminder, we are finite.

you and me
we are the passengers.
just passing through.
you are not acting alone.
collide if you don't let go

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Albüm: Evolution

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