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Karma Patrol

Stolen a bike, take it for a ride
Commit a crime, thought you got away
Pick on a kid, only half the size
Karma patrols gonna set it straight
Whos to say whats coming or going?
Theyre the ones who call the shots
And endless search for those whove not
Paid for their delinquent way
Cause personal catastrophes
Theres a saying
A little better one than the previous
When youre mischievous
Youll get what you deserve
And its a beautiful thing
All the liquid coming out the gutter cause
Whats done is done
I cant change the past
Karma patrol is gonna get me (Last)
Something happened just the other day
You helped another from another
But theres nothing coming back your way
Nobody said that life was fair
So lift your head and understand
That doing good is fine
But dont expect to find your plate full
Because the karma patrol is blind to the fact
Except that no ones perfect all the time
Raining down, walking home
When they come, you will know
All looks good, mind your way
Now youre going to pay
(Better watch your back cause)
Theyve got a target on you
No matter what you do
And the water will come down
So jump to the side
Or youll get soaked straight through
To the bone
Thats what theyve shown
They have no preference for the good or the evil
But i just know one day
Theyll be coming my way

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Gönderen: PLfnkOssuruk  [26 Eylül 2007 00:36:32]
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