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Walking Dead

Try not to die
you will not try to fade away
you know i won't leave you behind
but you got to fight for your life
you have got to shine your light
for me to find you
or sink further into nothingness
arm in arm together, we will fall

emptiness down into the depths of your despair
what are you willing to bleed out?
what is your price for redemption?

you're not alone with faith and devotion
my eyes have seen all the ugliness and suffering
it's time to look face to face with your fears
and decide if this world is truly worth living in

your outstretched arms to the sky
give no return in the ways of solitude
what are you really searching for?
a quick fix or self destruction?

so please don't lie to yourself
you're just another number for someone to fuck
down on your knees to get fucked over and over again
back of the line
do what you're told
and let life swallow you
swallow you whole

slipping away
hanging on the edge by your fingernails
is there still a life to take
or by the grace of god you have died

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Albüm: The Great Fire

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